Luke Pepper Creative started as a video production company in 2016. After graduating college, our creative director Luke Pepper began the painstaking process of finding a job in the field of education all while maintaining a few strong clients in the landscaping and construction industries. After juggling both teaching and running a business for several years, Luke became fed up. The clients that he supported with video and photography were growing by leaps and bounds but everyday he would go into his classroom where his fellow staff members looked down upon the industries. Luke could never understand why. The people in the field that he would work with were some of the most successful, forward thinking individuals, but they weren’t respected by the “educated” world. It was time for a change. He walked away from his teaching career to build LPC with the goal of telling the stories of the blue collar world. Today, the LPC team is made up of video, photo, content, and social media professionals whose sole purpose is to support the blue collar world.


It’s not about sales, it’s about building a legacy. At LPC, our purpose is to provide blue collar companies with the highest level of marketing and content possible. From video storytelling, photography, branding, web development, social media, and consulting, we have the skills to help get your business to the next level. The blue collar world is different from any other industry and our background is providing support for it. We eat, sleep, and breathe the blue collar world. We are the leader in blue collar content.



Our values define everything that we do. Communication, flexibility, creativity, relationship, and quality. We live by these 5 words.


Content Coordinator-Mariah Doyle

Mariah Doyle

Content Coordinator

Mariah joined the LPC team in 2021 as the Content Coordinator. Mariah works behind-the-scences creating social media posts for LPC and our partners as well as creating most of the written content that is produced. Beyond that, Mariah is also a full time student at Southeastern University studying social work. If Mariah is not at work or doing her homework, you can find her soaking up the sun in Flordia, working out, spending time with her friends, family and most importantly her best bud, Mac. 

Luke founded Luke Pepper Creative, LLC in 2016. He is a graduate of Endicott College, where he earned a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Masters in Special Education. His background in working with students across a variety of disciplines allows him to communicate messages with impact, providing clients with an effective visions and clear goals. In 2017, he was awarded the Emerging Artist of the Year Award for Northwest, CT for his video and photography work. In his free time, Luke enjoys spending time with family, mountain  biking, and spending  time with Kate and his dog Mac.

Luke Pepper

Creative Director

Luke started Luke Pepper Creative, LLC in 2016. He is a graduate of Endicott College, where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Special Education.  Luke taught in his hometown of Torrington, Connecticut for four years before pursing a full time role at LPC. Luke’s background is working with students across a variety of disciplines, which has taught him to communicate messages with impact.  Luke understands the importance of understand the clients goals for their business and fostering those goals with the content provided to each partner.  In his free time, Luke enjoys mountain biking, traveling, visiting with family and living life with Kate and their dog Mac.


Katelyn Shields

Operations Manager

Katelyn joined LPC in 2022. She graduated from Endicott College in 2017 with her bachelors in Criminal Justice. She then began working at the Department of Children and Families as a social worker. With her years of experience in the social  work field, she helps foster the relationships between LPC and their partners as well as creatively telling their stories. You will also find her creating the schedules for the team as well as will be overseeing the website designs for LPC. In her free time, she loves traveling, walking with Mac and spending time with her fiancée Luke. 



Chief Executive Dog

Mac joined the LPC team in 2022.  He brings a lot of previous experience to the team.  He can make anyone smile or laugh when playing with him. If you are lucky enough, you might catch him on a job site or two or even in a meeting with Luke and Kate. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his favorite toy “Cowie”, going on adventures with his mom and dad, and just making everyone smile. 


Blue collar content, the bread and butter to the Luke Pepper Creative business. Blue collar businesses are those that provide services and products through manual labor. From manufacturing to excavation, construction to demolition, blue collar industries have been underserved by creative agencies and that’s where our talented team comes in. Blue collar content is the content that is made through working alongside these companies.

Luke Pepper Creative provides social media content, social media management, video production, and creative resources for blue collar businesses.

Luke Pepper Creative is a full service creative agency serving Connecticut and beyond. This service area includes Hartford, Fairfield, New Haven, New London, Torrington, Bridgeport, and Stamford. We specialize in working with construction, automotive, landscaping, and excavation companies.

Luke Pepper Creative is a full service creative agency that specializes in working with blue collar industry. We have experience working alongside construction, excavation, landscaping, and automotive businesses.

Luke Pepper Creative is a full service creative agency that specializes in small to medium sized businesses throughout Connecticut. We have the experience and know how to produce content effectively and efficiently within budget.

The question everyone always wants to know, price. We have a variety of packages starting as low as $1000 and can work with many different budgets. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can best serve you. 


LPC is a full scale marketing company based in Connecticut. We offer video production services, social media management, photography, branding, and web development. We are more than just your traditional marketing company, as we only serve those in the blue collar community. From landscaping, materials, excavation, utilities, and manufacturing we have the the experience to not only tell your story, but to tell it right. We’re not about empty promises or setting lofty goals. We’re about being real with partners and giving a high quality product to those who chose to work alongside our team. We are the Leader in Blue Collar Content.

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