The days of the phonebook are dead. When someone is looking for you, they head to Google and find your website. If you are not online, your company doesn’t exist. No matter the size of your business, having a website is a top priority. It provides a way to showcase the great work you do and is a funnel for people to get in contact with you. 

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Our Skills

Website Design

We have creative vision. Our website design services are all about designing a site that fits creatively with the work you do. Each of our sites are crafted to be responsive and something you are proud of.

Content Writing

Our talented team of content writers has an understanding of what people will want to see on your site. They are trained in SEO and best practices for website content.

Website Hosting

At LPC, we provide website hosting. We make sure all of the website we host are responsive, fast, and secure. We provide state of the art service and the best customer support. 

Content management

Writing the content is only half the battle. If you can’t manage it appropriately, then what’s the point? Our Web Development team can take care of all your content management needs in house. From last minute changes to website updates, we’ve got you covered.


So you want to start featuring you company, but you don’t know where to begin. Give us a call. We can take it from there and we can bet that we will blow you away. We are the Leader in Blue Collar Content.


LPC is a full scale marketing company based in Connecticut. We offer video production services, social media management, photography, branding, and web development. We are more than just your traditional marketing company, as we only serve those in the blue collar community. From landscaping, materials, excavation, utilities, and manufacturing we have the the experience to not only tell your story, but to tell it right. We’re not about empty promises or setting lofty goals. We’re about being real with partners and giving a high quality product to those who chose to work alongside our team. We are the Leader in Blue Collar Content.

be the leader

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