A picture is worth a thousands words. We’ve all heard the saying. You know you need pictures of what you do but nowadays with iPhones taking amazing photos, why do you need professional photography? That’s just the thing. You can do it yourself, but we know how that turns out. Overexposed images, horrible lighting, and it never seems to come out quite right. That’s where we come in. Our team is award winning and has had their photos featured across magazines, publications, and industry trade shows. We know what we’re doing and we know our way around a camera. But, we’re more than that. We’re the Leader in Blue Collar Content. We get the industry and we know how to capture it. Oh yeah, and we have our own social media following that loves the work we do and the companies we feature. A picture is worth a thousand words.


From the first time we stepped foot onto a site, we knew that the photos we took were different. We put cameras in places they have never been to tell the stories that have never been told. When it comes to telling these stories, you just need to start and photography is a great way to begin. Just like you, we’re self taught. Your canvas is the job site and ours is the lense. When these two come together, incredible things can be done. Let us come and tell your story. Let us show you why we’re the Leader in Blue Collar Content.


So you want to start featuring you company, but you don’t know where to begin. What we recommending is starting with headshots. Headshots are great way to feature the employees of your company, put them out on social media, and tell the world how great they are. From there, it’s time to feature what you do. Give us a call and get us out on a site. We can take it from there and we can bet that we will blow you away. We are the Leader in Blue Collar Content.


LPC is a full scale marketing company based in Connecticut. We offer video production services, social media management, photography, branding, and web development. We are more than just your traditional marketing company, as we only serve those in the blue collar community. From landscaping, materials, excavation, utilities, and manufacturing we have the the experience to not only tell your story, but to tell it right. We’re not about empty promises or setting lofty goals. We’re about being real with partners and giving a high quality product to those who chose to work alongside our team. We are the Leader in Blue Collar Content.

be the leader

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