Cause-Related Marketing: It’s More than a Marketing Tool

When you think of marketing, what do you tend to think of? Sales? Social media? Billboards? Have you considered that marketing goes beyond those concepts? While, as a business, the primary goal of marketing is to increase sales, there are other benefits to having a strong marketing strategy. Whether your business has been passed down …

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TikTok: A New Frontier

2016, the year we lost greats such as Muhammed Ali and Arnold Palmer, the United States elected former President Donald Trump, and Rio de Janeiro hosted the Olympics. 2016 was a simpler time prior to knowing names like Fauci and Covid and a time when lumber was priced reasonably. Along with these markers of history, …

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Drones: A license is Required

At Luke Pepper Creative, we are adamant regarding the importance of safety and legality when it comes to our productions. A large portion of this is to recognize the regulations surrounding drone use when shooting on location. Drones have become a vital tool in the video producers toolkit. From establishing shots, to scouting locations, they …

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