TikTok: A New Frontier

2016, the year we lost greats such as Muhammed Ali and Arnold Palmer, the United States elected former President Donald Trump, and Rio de Janeiro hosted the Olympics. 2016 was a simpler time prior to knowing names like Fauci and Covid and a time when lumber was priced reasonably. Along with these markers of history, a new face of social media was under development. TikTok, a social media platform based on music and dancing was being conceived. In the depths of it’s code, little did we know that this app would take the world by storm. Initially developed to share lip-sync videos under the name “Douyin,” the programming developed out of a ban of Facebook and Instagram in China. People needed a way to connect throughout the country, and this media provided the way.

Fast forward to today, and TikTok is a household name. From elementary school students to grandparents, the reaches of the technology are growing and touching new demographics by the second. It has become a place to laugh, cry, and share the memories of day-to-day life with an online audience like never before. Gone are the days of exclusively sharing lip-sync videos and dancing, though they still find a home on the platform. Content on the app now includes everything from cooking to fashion to comedy skits, each with a unique twist to draw in eyes and bring in the user. This gives users a new opportunity with each post to become the epitome of success, “TikTok Famous.”

With the sensation of this social media platform, it has become a great way for companies to grow their following alongside individuals. From sharing new products to connecting with younger demographics, it is a new platform that is unmatched in its ability to pull in users and push content to them. In the marketing and video production world, this provides a great way to push the boundaries and share new stories. Often, companies use seemingly organic content in their Tiktok marketing schemes along with professionally shot content that supplements what they share every day. This proves to be effective and does an excellent job of increasing the reach of a local or regional company. These techniques have been confirmed to drive brand recognition outside of a service area and provide the base for growth in new spaces. Even in a small business with 1-5 employees, it has proven effective.

With this, the most important aspect of using TikTok, as with any social media, is consistency. Building a schedule of posts and developing a plan to produce content is going to be what drives growth. For you and your business, this could be frequently, with organic content posted multiple times a week and a monthly supplement of professionally produced videos or more frequently if you feel that that will drive the interactions and leads you would be looking for. As with any campaign, it is best to start with a goal and build a plan that will hit exactly what you want.